Friday, December 16, 2011

More Christmas Decorating

Here are a few more photos of my silvery decorating theme for this holiday season. I still hope to add some live greenery.

I continued my glittery theme in the dining room with this centerpiece. The lighting is great in this room, so on sunny days the reflection off the "disco ball"- as we refer to it - is really great. It creates a sparkly light show throughout the room - all over the ceiling and walls. It's beautiful. (The "disco ball" is from Hobby Lobby's Christmas decorations. There were several sizes.)

I hope you enjoy the photos. Have a great weekend.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm Back and with Christmas Decorating

I've been away for a while taking care of family needs. I'm glad to be back and I have some Christmas decorating to share.

I seem to like shiny, glittering things these days (and ruffles and sequins - but that's another post). This may seem a little odd for a girl who decorates with rocks, twigs, leaves and old rusty things. But I like the contrast with my earthy decor.

Here are some photos of my mantel. I love these mercury glass votives ($3 Target find).

Mercury glass votives are filled with tea lights.
Christmas Sparkle
Mercury glass candlesticks are another Target find.

Earlier in the week I had a small vase of flowers here. When I was taking these photos, I remembered the hydrangeas. (Yes, these are the ones from Lydia's garden.) I have to keep them hidden because Smudge LOVES them and will have them in the floor in no time. I sneak one or two out when she's not around. Anyway I think the hydrangea is just what is needed here.

Smudge - Hydrangea Thief

Have a great week everyone.