Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Handmade Cards

Isn't this card beautiful? I love it. Last week, I wasn't feeling well. An ear infection of all things. HUH!? What? I felt like a two year old. So my friend Maxine made and sent me a couple of cards. What a treat. This is my favorite. I love everything about it - the colors, design, words by Rumi. I actually plan to frame it.
Among her many talents, Maxine is quite an accomplished calligrapher, and as you can see below, she has quite a sense of humor as well. Vincent arrived early in the week.
One of the great things about Maxine's cards is that her envelopes are as much fun and as beautiful as the cards....and she always has the best stamps! I love it when I am the beneficiary of her work.

Have a beautiful week.


  1. Diana, some day my home life will be as leisurely as yours. I hope that I still know you then and maybe we can enjoy a warm sunny afternoon together. Dianne

    1. Dianne - The sunny afternoon visit sounds wonderful. Your porch or mine? I have to confess to you though, I don't have a leisurely home life but I am pleased that it looks as though I do, even if just to you. - Diana