Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Rural Point of View - Continued

My friend Maxine sent me an email commenting on my previous post saying "a good Tennessee farm in autumn - comfort pictures." I'll probably be recycling these photos during January and February - the months I refer to as my whiny months. Tennessee winters can be cold, dark and dreary. Did I mention cold, dark and dreary? I guess that is the definition of winter though. Anyway, I have a tendency to whine about the lack of sunshine. Okay, so I've got some more growing to do. :)

Here are a few more photos from Saturday.

I love the architectural elements found in barns. Again, incredibly simple and rustic yet elegant and beautiful. The sunlight filtering through the beams is spectacular.

Fence Row

I love the fact that the bent tree hasn't been cut down. It has its place even though it doesn't grow straight like trees are supposed to.

We have a spring running through our property and it supplies our water via a pump of some sort that I should probably know more about than I do. :)  I do know it supplies the best spring water I've ever had and I've been drinking it my entire life.

The Road Home

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Rural Point of View

Yesterday Craig and I (along with my sister, one of my brothers and one of my nieces) spent the day at my mom's. My dad died a few years ago, but my mom still lives in our family home about 80 miles south of where I live. It is the most restful, peaceful place I know. Best spa in the world, as I often say. I spent a couple of hours during the afternoon just walking around by myself with my camera. It's one of my favorite things to do. The weather was sunny and warm, which made for a beautiful day to see what nature had to offer.

Here are a few photos from my walk. I never left the property, except when I was in the middle of the road.

I love how the birdhouse seems to fit in perfectly on the ground where it has fallen.  

Things are put together in a very utilitarian, shabby and yet beautiful way. Everything is weathered and patched. There's a calmness about this simple place. It reminds me not to over-complicate things.


I'll have more photos throughout the week.

Enjoy your day.