Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Rural Point of View - Continued

My friend Maxine sent me an email commenting on my previous post saying "a good Tennessee farm in autumn - comfort pictures." I'll probably be recycling these photos during January and February - the months I refer to as my whiny months. Tennessee winters can be cold, dark and dreary. Did I mention cold, dark and dreary? I guess that is the definition of winter though. Anyway, I have a tendency to whine about the lack of sunshine. Okay, so I've got some more growing to do. :)

Here are a few more photos from Saturday.

I love the architectural elements found in barns. Again, incredibly simple and rustic yet elegant and beautiful. The sunlight filtering through the beams is spectacular.

Fence Row

I love the fact that the bent tree hasn't been cut down. It has its place even though it doesn't grow straight like trees are supposed to.

We have a spring running through our property and it supplies our water via a pump of some sort that I should probably know more about than I do. :)  I do know it supplies the best spring water I've ever had and I've been drinking it my entire life.

The Road Home

Enjoy your day.

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