Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Latest Quilt

This quilt was on my design wall far too long (translation: this means well over a year and longer than I want to think about). Yesterday I finished the borders so it's ready to be quilted once I find fabric for the  back. This is the largest quilt I've made - approx. 100" x 100". 

I started this as a block of the month thing with one of the quilt shops and then added other blocks, sashing and borders so I could have a bed-size quilt. I think it will be great for layering. (I layer everything - bedding, clothes, etc. I love having different textures and patterns.) 

I love the neutral colors.
I have a hard time photographing my quilts. It's so hard to capture everything that's going on especially after they are quilted. Perhaps this is an impossible quest. Anyway, for this one I decided to just drape it across the bed in my guest bedroom. This is a full-size bed so you can see it's a good size quilt.

Have a great week.  

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