Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gaining Clarity

I spent most of last week cleaning, organizing, and putting Christmas decorations away which led to more organizing. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind for the week, but it seemed to be what I needed to do. Feels great too. Eventually I ended up in my studio and office space where I started the process of pulling together unfinished projects from 2011.

Getting everything on the design wall is part of the process of deciding what to do next. I never really have a clear plan.  At some point something will start to happen though.

These are 100% cotton fabrics that I dyed using procion dyes. A couple of these were dyed using the shibori method (definitely spending more time with this technique).

India Flint's book Eco Colour: Botanical Dyes for Beautiful Textiles has been on my desk for a while  patiently waiting for me to make time to study her method of dyeing. I like the idea of botanical dyes so maybe 2012 will be the year for it. 

Have a great week.

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